Where to start?

I’ve been told by a number of people to start a blog of my own, and now that I am not currently involved in any other web projects, it now seems like a good idea. You may know me from a few places: the crank from TheJournal.ie, the old Irish administrator from Hortorian.com and Be Creative!, the incrementally active Twitter user, or the guy you know from good old real life who never stops waffling about writing and politics. You may even have had the extreme displeasure to listen to him in the pub.

To start off with writing, I’ve been working on a novel called Earldust for a year and a half now. It’s a blend of fantasy and political thriller, but explaining it further would require much more space and time, so I’ll leave that for future blog posts. I completed a draft of it in the summer of 2010, and have been editing it on and off since. Progress appears to be going reasonably well right now, so I hope to have it finished by next summer!

As for my own personal politics, I prefer not to characterise it on a linear scale from left to right. That system has always struck me as being very boring and inaccurate. I’ll let you decide where I lie, through the old fashioned method of analysing what I say. Believe me when I say, there will be plenty of politicised posts for you to disect.

Thank you for reading!

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