Earldust – First Hurdle Surmounted

The very first agent I sent a portion of my manuscript has gotten back to me, and far from the standard apologetic rejection letter that I had expected, she wants to read the whole thing.

I read the email with tears in my eyes – something that rarely happens. I burst out singing for joy, something that happens even less. I hugged my father and mother, both of whom probably didn’t understand what I was blabbing on about. All because of one email. By pressing the send button, a person in sitting in the middle of town made day come early.

Don’t for a minute think that I overestimate the implications of this. There is an infinitely high likelihood that my manuscript will be rejected at this stage. Yet this is irrelevant – a person has read the first 3,000 words of Earldust and wanted to read more. Isn’t that enough in itself?

Of course the money would be nice. However at the end of the day, I just want my stories to be read. Whether by a free PDF download on the internet, or as physical copy on someone’s shelf, it has the same feeling of changing the world through ideas, and that’s what makes me tick.

  1. Keep it up! Though it does sound like there is still a long way to go BUT one thing for sure, every baby step you make counts. May your dream come true in 2013!

    • Thank you! I’ve been researching agents in the United Kingdom, who don’t have the same policy on exclusive submissions, so I’ll blitz them when/if I get a rejection. We’ll see where it leads me!

      • Martian Prince Heinrich
      • January 7th, 2013

      Seems like a bit of a boast over nothing, to be perfectly honest. I’ve had a lot of agents “interested” in my work, before choosing to pass over it for so-called “commercial” reasons. Some were willing to take my work on, but only if I included love interests for my characters for the sake of them being love interests. Right now I’m looking at self-publishing through Amazon. It’s the only way I can get my book out there without it being mutilated.

      I don’t mean to put you down, just to make sure that the road is long, and that getting published takes years of hard work.

      • I understand where you are coming from.The road is undoubtedly hard but as long as you have your eye set on your goal, I am confident you will get there.
        From personal experience I took more than 5 years to achieve my goal of relocating myself – after I finally realised no company was ever going to do that and if I want it to happen, I had to somehow depend on myself. I wouldnt go into the details but basically I know there was a period of uncertainty but the attitude of being positive and focused got me where I wanted.
        Sorry if I might have sounded like getting a book published was easy work. Last year, I did explore the process of getting a book published and read some personal experiences from others. Apparently many authors did get the doors closed in their face uncountable times before success. The publishing route is long and lined with challenges indeed.
        I admire your tenacity and your attitude and in turn I feel encouraged by your perserverence.
        Keep going and I am sure you will eventually get there – one way or another.

      • Heinrich, to be perfectly honest, that’s nothing I haven’t expected. I’m just thankful that anyone wants to read it!

        @Die Reise meines Leben, wo kann ich deinen Buch finden um es zu lesen?

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