About Fiachra

Fiachra Ó Raghallaigh (he accepts Fiachra Reilly from non Irish people) is a student of European Studies at Trinity College Dublin. He is currently in his Senior Freshman (second) year, taking modules of French, German, International Relations and European History.

Outside his academic life, he has a strong passion for two subject matters: creative writing and politics. Whatever time he does not spend socialising or studying, is invariably spent trying to reconcile the two with each other. He has written two novels – one a high fantasy epic which he maintains shall never see the light of day, and the other – Earldust – a much grittier work, which he is seeking a publisher for.

He has past and current experience in owning and managing creative arts websites, has contributed to political blogs such as Teaandtoast.ie, and currently writes opinion pieces for Trinity News.

  1. Teaandtoast should have had me as a blog contributor.

    Anyways, nice space you’ve got here sir. I shall frequent this page and try to contribute to your blog traffic. Good luck.

    • Declan Carroll.
    • October 17th, 2011

    G’day !! We shared comments on thejournal.ie today re the illegal Irish in Australia. I read your article on the IRA & Republicanism & I totally agree with you. I’ll read your other articles later today. Who said your articles were too controversial & you should set up your own blog ? We live in a free society where freedom of speech, freedom of expression & freedom of opinion exists. I detest this “sssshhhh!!! u can’t say THAT” mentality that exixts today. It is stiffling. See my comments on thejournal.ie story asking whether the BNP should be allowed a platform to speak here. I don’t like them, but they ought to be allowed to speak so people can listen, make a judgement, comment & get on with it.

    Anyway – thanks for taking the time to read my e-mail & I look forward to reading your other articles.

    Best of luck & here’s to freedom of speech, freedom of expression & freedom of opinion.


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